PROCÃO was founded in 2007, aiming to meet with all the care and protection the hygiene, beauty and cleaning needs of your pet.

All our products are developed according to the requirements and legislation of the main organs of the pet sector, always concerned with the well being and above all respecting their pet, Procão brings to the market a portfolio with more than 40 differentiated products, step of cleaning and hygiene, whether of your pet or even the environment in which it is.

PROCÃO also counts on the accompaniment of a professional in the area of ​​veterinary medicine, which strictly follows every step of the production process so that the product meets all quality criteria.

For all these factors, today PROCÃO is the leading brand in the category of animal hygiene, being one of the top companies in the PET sector, according to a TOPFIVE survey conducted every year, measuring brand recognition in the Brazilian supermarket sector.

Procão, brand vice-leader in pet market

Procão offers the market a wide range of products that meet the most stringent quality standards.
It counts on trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology, all this to offer new solutions, more efficient and adapted to the needs of the market.
It continually seeks the improvement of its products and processes in search of the World Standards of Quality and Service, establishing procedures and controls within the international standards of ISO.


Develop business opportunities by offering consumers products in the high-quality, value-added Automotive and Petcare sectors at competitive prices.


To be recognized as a group of leading sales brands in the sectors of performance, which bring to the consumer all the quality, satisfaction and best value for money in both categories.


  • Continuous improvement and improvement of processes;
  • Professionals trained to offer the best results;
  • Factory technology and constant innovation;
  • Concern about the Environment;
  • Commitment to quality and truth;
  • Ethics and respect with the consumer;